owner Oleg G.Guliakov


Stevan’s BLACK KING ROM 2xW (75 % Sorrells blood through GOELZ' TINA) was born in Stevan's yard (Germany) in 1990. In 1991 has come to Serbia, where BLACK KING was rolled a few times before the famous test against White Death (aka Bijela Smrt). In 1993,  BLACK KING was bought by Oleg and imported to Moscow (Russia), where he won  two match for Oleg. 

BLACK KING was used as the main stud dog in the Oleg's breeding program. Oleg had planned to develop this bloodline of dogs, but it was not destined to be, as Oleg died in 1997 at 34 year old. Following the owner died and BLACK KING.

BLACK KING'S  ADBA registered name is so he has officially in Stevan's BLACK KING because Oleg did not make the transfer of ownership into own name. In countries the former Soviet Union, his also called differently - Guliakov's KING, or BLACK KING, or IRON BLACK KING.

He producted many 1xW, 2xW descendants and several Champions but only four are officially registered – Horvath's CH RITA,  Black Storm Kennls' CH GRO, Belmes' CH FOX,  CH IRON TEX. All his descendants were inherently Deep Game.

BLACK KING became an official ROM and founder IRON BLACK KING bloodline. 


STEVAN'S BLACK KING OFFICIAL R.O.M. according to Sporting Dog Journal.

Registration was made by IRON KING KENNELS-II