Hammonds/ Boudreaux /Sorrells 

All our dogs in kennel - DNA-VIP and have ADBA pedigree 

Our kennel breeding APBT working since 1992. Our kennels is based on the IRON BLACK KING bloodline, the ancestor of which is outstanding for the workers and breeding qualities STEVAN’S BLACK KING R.O.M. 2xW (owner Oleg G. Guliakov , IRON KING KENNELS, Moskow, Russia), which were imported into the former USSR of Serbia.

STEVAN’S BLACK KING R.O.M. 2xW - OFFICIAL R.O.M. according to Sporting Dog Journal (December 2012). Registration was made by IRON KING KENNELS-II.

The origin of the line - the work of Great Breeders, known around the world – GARY HAMMONDS, BERT SORRELLS , FLOYD BOUDREAUX, MAURICE CARVER, EARL TUDOR, HOWARD HEINZL, JOE CORVINO and others. The main method of selection – pure-breeding inbred line.

The main purpose of IRON KING KENNELS-II is the breeding work aimed at preserving the existing quality and improving some of them, that is the preservation and development of the breed AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER.
The guiding principle in the breeding and use of knowledge is the fundamental basis of heredity and variation, the study and analysis of inbreeding, its influence, the possibilities and limitations in the formation of this breed.

As a result of studies conducted in our kennels, were protected degree works by specialists in the field of canine genetics. At the moment, carries out scientific research work in the context of issues of genetic engineering and biotechnology of reproduction AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER.

All IRON KING KENNELS–II dogs have been DNA-typed in 2007. The scientists and the owners of the kennels who took part in research personally, worked on the project jointly. As a result the DNA-typing technology has been tested and implemented on our dogs in Ukraine.
Out of 10 generations from STEVAN’S BLACK KING received in our kennels - 7 generations have been DNA-typed. The selection and breeding of the parental couples is conducted on the basis of working qualities, phenotype, and now already known on the molecular level genotype. Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) on BLACK KING'S amounts of not less than 30% in the progeny. The IRON BLACK KING bloodline has a fixed genotype, which is confirmed by the molecular-genetics research. According to the results, we have a scientific publication.

Science - is an integral part of our lives as we work directly in this the areas. Our professional areas - molecular genetics and radiology of animals (including Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD-test)).

All these years we have been directed to maintain blood STEVAN'S BLACK KING. As a result, we obtained its bloodline - IRON BLACK KING. Over time, we saw that we were able to preserve not only the genes of Black King, but and the genes of his great ancestors - Hammonds' Iron Jo, Hammonds' Rufus, Plumber's Alligator, William’s Lady, Mayfield's Nigger, Clayton's Eli Jr., Boudreaux' Spook,  Walling's Bullyson, Long's Tuffy, Boudreaux' Eli, Hammonds’ Uncle Bud, Hammonds' Minnie, Boudreaux' BOZE, Carver’s Iron Head, Boudreaux' Blind Billy, Carver’s Black Widow, Carver's Black Girl, Heinzl's Gringo, Tudor’s Dibo, Sorrells' Red Lady Bug, Sorrells' Red Jerry, Crenshaw’s Stu Fowler, Corvino's Gimp, Corvino's Braddock, Fly of Panama, Colby’s Pincher, Lloyd’s Pilot and many other Great American Pit Bull Terriers. All this was possible due to the fact that the will of fate, we got a dogs of pure bloodlines and with a wonderful fusion of them later. We see that at the moment our dogs (on phenotype) are similar to many old dogs from different bloodlines inherent in them. All this was possible due to close (tight) inbreeding, which we use in our selection work during the long years.

We are grateful to all the breeders - the blood of whose dogs flowing in our dogs  for their skill and labor, and the possibility of the present generation people to know and possess APBT.

We say Great Thanks to Floyd Boudreaux, Bert Sorrells (USA), Fritz Janssen (Holland), Garlaunis,  Stevan and Goelz (Germany) and many other breeders. Special thanks we are express Gary J. Hammonds (USA) - Thanks for your contact with us, for your kindness, attention and care for us. And most importantly - thank you for the Great American Pit Bull Terrier, which you created.

We are pleased to have contact with our many friends from Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Greece, USA and many other countries around the world. We will be happy to have communication with people who possess and love this breed of dog - to exchange information, knowledge and experience. We encourage everyone - keep the breed APBT and be worthy to be the owner of this breed.

All our work and achievements we dedicate to founder of –
Oleg Gennadyevich Guliakov

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